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Should I buy mechanical safe deposit box or self-service safe deposit lockers?

Updated: Jun 29

In many countries and regions, people have the habit of using safe deposit box, which provide commercial space for private safe deposit box. Private safe deposit box have a large one-time investment when they are opened, including site, material defense, technical defense, fire protection, and constant temperature. Constant humidity, decoration, marketing, and other expenses, but in the later stage, only the cost of space and labor is required, and many customers are long-term leases, which can achieve stable cash flow and operation, and are not affected by inflation and prices,Therefore,this is a sustainable and replicable business model. If we are going to buy safe deposit lockers, how should I choose?

Types of safe deposit box: Mechanical safe deposit box and self-service safe deposit lockers are more common in the market. Their respective characteristics are as follows

Advantages of the Mechanical Safe Deposit Box:

1. Low product failure rate, no maintenance

2. Customers deposit and withdraw personal items on their own, without other people's contact, the safety factor is higher, and customers are more assured

3. The location can be chosen in a relatively hidden place such as the garage and the first floor, and the rental cost is lower

4. There are employees throughout the process to provide customers with high-quality services, which is more friendly to elderly customers

5. Large and super large cabinets can be customized to facilitate customers to store valuables such as gold, antiques, and cultural relics

Disadvantages of mechanical safe deposit boxes

1. Including treasury, business area, office area, rest and negotiation area, etc., requiring a larger space (50-1000 square meters)

2. Need to hire multiple service personnel

3. The business hours are fixed and customers can only use it within a specific time