bank safe door

Vault Door/Strongroom Door/Bank Vault 

1. We are a long-term supplier of major banks, museums, and troops in China, guarding countless wealth, cultural relics, guns, and ammunition, etc. in China.

2. We passed the US UL Vault door test. 

3. our vault door can be customized to any size, material, and degree of protection
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Home, banks, museums, military, hotels, insurance companies, or any place storing valuables, 
which could be cash, gold, cultural relics, guns and ammunition, documents, etc.

6.Protection Level (anti-Burglary time)
Class M                :15 minutes
Class A/ Class  1 :30 minutes
Class B / Class 2 :60 minutes 
Class C/ Class  3 :120 minutes

7.Standard Factory Size
Clear opening:width 900mm* height 2000mm        


8.Lock configuration
Mechanical code lock, electronic code lock, fingerprint lock, time lock, key lock, etc.

9.Number of locks
1pc to 3pcs locks for opening doors at the same time,
1pc of emergency backup lock or 1pc time lock can be added if required.

10.Surface material
Stainless steel or eco-friendly plastic powder paint

11.Transportation and installation
Professional technicians with special equipment such as forklifts and cranes.

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