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modular vault room manufacturers

LastingSafe is a reputable manufacturer of safe and vault products based in China. Specializing in the production and distribution of a wide range of security solutions including safe deposit boxes, vault doors, modular vault rooms, bank vaults, safe rooms, safe deposit locks, and more, LastingSafe has built a strong presence in the industry. With products exported to over 40 countries and regions, serving a diverse clientele spanning banks, hotels, private safe deposit box companies, and pharmaceutical and luxury goods industries, LastingSafe is a trusted supplier to many international security brands.

Backed by a professional sales and technical team, LastingSafe offers prompt service responses and expert technical design solutions. The company excels in customizing safety and vault products in various sizes, designs, and materials to meet specific customer requirements.

Equipped with a large standardized plant, advanced processing equipment, and over 20 years of production experience, LastingSafe prides itself on delivering products efficiently while upholding stringent quality standards to ensure superior product quality and customer satisfaction.

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