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Automated Safe Deposit Lockers

24/7 access, automation technology, safe and reliable

Round-the-clock access to safe deposit lockers, Store and retrieve valuables at any time

Automated Safe Deposit Box is a self-service storage system that combines the latest automation technology with advanced customer identification to provide 24/7 accessibility without compromising security.

Intelligent autonomous operation

The lockers are stored in a high-security vaults. Once the customer's identity passes the system authentication, such as ID card, password, face recognition, fingerprint, etc., the automated safe deposit lockers will start to act.

The robot transports the box from the vaults to the console. The customer can access the safe deposit lockers at the self-service terminal during the day or at any time in the evening. After use, the system automatically closes the safe deposit lockers and automatically returns the box to the vaults.

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Safety performance

All the boxes are stored in the modular vault that passed the test. According to the security situation, different levels of the modular vault can be selected and equipped with the same level of vault door.

Powerful background management

The intelligent management system will record all operational data and monitor the operation status of the automatic safe deposit box at any time to automatically discover problems and warnings.

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Modular assembly, personalized ordering

We offer a choice of box sizes from 60mm to 300mm in height
Depending on the size of the venue, you can choose from 100 to 1000+ boxes.
Customized console-style according to the surrounding decoration style

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