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Mechanical Safe Deposit Box

Personalized, safe, high quality

Custom styling and modular design allow the safe deposit box to blend into your interior style and maximize storage space.

Safe deposit boxes are constructed using high-strength materials such as stainless steel, steel plate, and aluminum alloy, ensuring robustness and durability. Equipped with high-security locks, these boxes provide reliable protection against unauthorized access. Moreover, the inner box is lined with thick flannelette at the bottom, offering cushioning and safeguarding valuable items stored by customers.

Security Function

Having a variety of safe deposit box locks is great because it allows customers to choose the level of security that best fits their needs. Each type of lock has its own advantages and considerations. For example:

  • Single key locks: Simple and easy to use, requiring only one key for access. However, losing the key could lead to complications.

  • Double key locks: Provide added security since both keys are needed for access. This makes it less likely for unauthorized individuals to gain access, but it also means both keys must be kept secure.

  • Electronic code locks: Offer convenience as users can access their box with a PIN code. These locks often have additional features like time-based access control and audit trails for monitoring access.

  • Fingerprint locks: Utilize biometric technology for access, which can be convenient and secure since fingerprints are unique to each individual. However, they may not be suitable for all users, especially those with certain medical conditions affecting their fingerprints.

It's important to consider factors such as ease of use, reliability, and level of security when choosing a lock for safe deposit boxes. Offering a variety allows customers to select the option that best meets their preferences and requirements.



Offering custom safe deposit box services is a great way to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Here's how each aspect of customization adds value:

  1. Size: Providing the option to choose from standard sizes or customize the size allows customers to ensure their safe deposit box fits their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that clients can accommodate items of varying sizes and quantities securely.

  2. Door panel and inner box color: Offering a range of colors for the door panel and inner box allows customers to match the safe deposit box with their existing decor or aesthetic preferences. By considering local habits and aesthetics, you're making the service more appealing and relevant to the target market.

  3. Logo customization: Allowing customers to print their company logo on the safe deposit box enhances brand visibility and professionalism. It's a great way for businesses to reinforce their brand identity and make their safe deposit boxes uniquely theirs.

By offering these customization options, you're not only providing practical solutions but also adding a personal touch that enhances customer satisfaction and engagement. It shows that you understand and value their individual needs and preferences, which can help build long-term relationships and loyalty.

Customizable Features


Adhering to the ISO9001 quality management system and your company's quality instruction manual is a testament to your commitment to maintaining high standards of product quality. ISO9001 certification demonstrates that your organization has established robust quality management processes and is dedicated to consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction.

By following these standards and procedures, you ensure that every aspect of your product, from design and development to production and delivery, is thoroughly controlled and monitored to uphold quality standards. This commitment helps build trust with customers, as they can rely on the consistent quality of your products.

Furthermore, having a quality instruction manual provides clear guidelines and procedures for employees to follow, ensuring that everyone in the organization understands their role in maintaining product quality.

Overall, your adherence to ISO9001 and your internal quality management system underscores your dedication to delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Quality Assurance


Modular safe deposit boxes offer a lot of flexibility, allowing you to customize configurations based on specific site requirements. The fact that all components are pre-installed and adjusted in the factory streamlines the installation process significantly. With just the simple tasks of moving the safe deposit box to its designated spot, adjusting the horizontal nuts, and aligning the gaps and positions, you've simplified what could otherwise be a complex installation process. This approach not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and consistency across installations.

Safe Deposit Box Installation

Buy a Safe Deposit Box And Safety Deposit Box Vault


    When it comes to safeguarding your most valuable possessions, investing in a secure safe deposit box or safety deposit box vault is essential. At Lastingsafe, we offer a wide range of options to meet your security needs.

    Our safe deposit boxes are designed to provide a secure and confidential storage solution for your important documents, jewelry, and other valuables. With advanced locking mechanisms and durable construction, you can trust that your items are safe and protected.

    For even greater security, consider our safety deposit box vaults. These vaults offer an added layer of protection, ensuring that your valuables are shielded from theft, fire, and other risks.

    Don't compromise on the safety of your assets. Explore our collection of safe deposit boxes and safety deposit box vaults at Lastingsafe and invest in peace of mind today.

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