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Mechanical Safe Deposit Box

Personalized, safe, high quality

Custom styling and modular design allow the safe deposit box to blend into your interior style and maximize storage space.

Security Function

The unique safety design of the safe deposit box door prevents potential damage and is used in conjunction with our management system for optimum safety.

Lock Function

The safe deposit box can be selected manually or electronically. The electronic lock can be used with the self-service terminal developed by us. It can realize the full operation of the customer, without the staff.

Design Features

These beautifully designed stainless steel safes can be integrated into your existing space and offer you flexible layout options that can be installed quickly and easily, regardless of the size of your space.

Customizable features

Available in a variety of safe deposit boxes, from 75 mm to 800 mm
Customizable large or extra-large safe deposit box
Single or double key lock, and electronic lock
Available in a variety of color options, stainless steel, gold, color, etc.

Quality Assurance

According to the ISO9001 quality management system and the company's quality instruction manual, the product quality is guaranteed to meet the high standards of customers.

The mechanical safe deposit box offers a variety of colors and configuration options to make the overall style of the storeroom consistent!

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