modular vault room
modular vault room

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modular vaults manufacturers
modular vaults manufacturers

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modular bank vault
modular bank vault

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Modular Vaults Rooms/Prefabricated Vaults

A high-security vault for storing valuables such as gold jewelry, cash, cultural relics, controlled drugs, and important documents, effectively preventing theft and explosion.

Modular Vault Room Protection Level (anti-vandal time)
Class M: 15 minutes
Level 1:  30 minutes
Level 2:  60 minutes
Level 3:  120 minutes

UL, EN-1143, GSA, and other standard requirements

Modular Vault Room Material

Composite steel plates, steel bars, high-strength concrete, metal fibers, etc.

Prefabricated Vaults Dimensions
Customize the size according to the actual or technical requirements of the site

Prefabricated Vaults Structure Performance
Compared with traditional concrete pouring, our combined vault room adopts a lightweight design scheme and is produced with a variety of composite materials, which is safer. At the same time, it is lighter and thinner, easy to transport and install, and can flexibly increase the area, It can also be quickly dismantled and transported to other locations for re-installation

Prefabricated Vaults Applicable Places
Home residence, financial industry, pharmaceutical industry, security company, museum, military police department, luxury retail industry, hotels, and other places that need to store valuables and dangerous items, such as cash, gold, jewelry, cultural relics and antiques, guns and ammunition, control Medicines, important documents or valuable personal items, etc.

Lastingsafe is a manufacturer of safe and vault products with over 20 years of experience. It specializes in the production and sales of modular vault rooms, prefabricated vaultsstrongrooms, modular bank vaults, and modular vault panels. Products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, used by more than 1,000 international customers, and many internationally renowned security brand suppliers.

Lastingsafe not only provides customers with customized modular vaults and solutions, as a leader in the industry, but we also adopt the most advanced design, production, and quality control, and our team provides unparalleled customer service

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our modular vault room team to provide you with the most professional advice and service support

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