Modular Vaults/Vault Rooms

1. Our vault room is simple to install and fast, it can be put into use in a short time.

2. it can be customized for a variety of materials, thickness, and width, we will recommend the best solution according to your actual situation

3. Our vault room will be tested in the factory and all assembly problems will be solved in the factory.

4. Site 
Home, banks, museums, military, hotels, insurance companies, or any place storing valuables, which could be cash, gold, cultural relics, guns and ammunition, documents, etc.

5. Anti-theft level (anti-Burglary time)
Class M   :15 minutes                
Class 1    :30 minutes         
Class 2    :60 minutes          
Class 3    :120 minutes            

6. Material
Steel plate+Mixed filler material+steel bar+Channel steel

7. Size
Custom Size

8. Surface coating
eco-friendly plastic powder paint

9. Transportation and installation
Professional technicians with special equipment such as forklifts and cranes.
Adopts block assembly structure. All parts are bolted without welding.

We are a bank vault manufacturer, professional production vault room, strong room, modular vault, modular panels,  all products are made in China!

We have our own vault room for sale team to provide you with the most professional advice and service support.