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Safe Room
Modular Tornado Shelter
Modular Storm Shelter

The safe room offered by LastingSafe is constructed from robust quarter-inch steel plates, providing exceptional durability to withstand severe weather conditions and potential criminal threats.

Key features of the safe room include:

  1. Resilient Construction: Designed to endure harsh conditions, the fully welded safe rooms can withstand tornado-force winds when properly installed indoors or outdoors.

  2. Versatile Installation: These units can be securely installed outside on a reinforced concrete pad for added safety and security. Each unit is equipped with a 36" standard security door featuring a three-point security latch system and a key-lockable deadbolt.

  3. Ventilation and Protection: Sheltered air vents allow airflow while keeping debris out. The enamel-coated interior and exterior ensure a durable finish and corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance.

  4. Multiple Emergency Exits: The modular panel construction ensures multiple emergency exits in case the main door is blocked by storm debris. Two wrenches are provided inside the shelter to remove bolts on any panel for additional exit points.

  5. Modular Design: Each safe room is made up of modular panels, allowing for expansion and relocation as needed. This flexibility enables the safe room to grow with your family or be disassembled for relocation if you move.

  6. Indoor or Outdoor Installation: The modular design provides unmatched versatility, allowing for installation in various locations such as garages, closets, and basements. The above-ground storm shelter can be easily transported and installed one panel at a time, offering convenience and adaptability in placement.

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