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Why self-service is the trend of safe deposit boxes?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

With the development and advancement of technology, more and more self-services have emerged in society. Through the development of high-tech solutions to provide accessibility for all-weather access, how can we solve this problem?

The use of safe deposit boxes to protect customers' valuables is a service provided by banks, hotels, cruise ships, casinos, etc. Safety and convenience are the two most important issues.

A new generation of self-service safe deposit box, which is a self-service safe deposit box similar to ATM machine operation, has the following advantages

1, combined with the latest intelligent, automated technology, without any manual intervention, no personnel to accompany, the device is a completely autonomous operation, all operational data is recorded

2, advanced identification system, conventionally equipped with a credit card and password identification, you can choose high-tech identification technology such as fingerprint, palm print, face recognition

3, safe storage space, equipped with the same level of valuables storage warehouse as the bank vault, the customer stored valuables completely isolated from the outside world

4, comfortable and privacy operation space: the operation room is completely isolated from the outside world, the customer enters the anti-lock, other people can not operate and enter, and is equipped with automatic ventilation and lighting equipment, when the customer enters, open, leave and close

5, 7 * 24 hours access to valuables convenience: customers can access valuables at any time, regardless of working hours and holidays

6. The floor space is small, only 1/3 or 1/4 of the area of ​​the traditional safe deposit box is required, but the same amount can be used.

7. The self-service safe deposit box adopts modular construction, which can adapt to large, medium or small space. The complete set of equipment is flexible and compact, the installation requirements are not high, and even the construction can be built across the floor. It is completely tailored to meet any needs. Demand for banks and hotels

With the increasing demand for personalized services, the traditional safe deposit box storage service is subject to the size of the venue, working hours, geographical location and other factors, can not meet the needs of people, and the emergence of automatic safe deposit box can be very good satisfy people's demands

For the operating unit, the use of an automated safe deposit box can save a lot of manpower, save the construction of the warehouse, and the operating time is no longer limited by the working hours, providing customers with a better experience.

Automatic safe deposit box operation process:

1. The customer uses the IC card, password, biometric authentication, and other authentication methods to enter the operation room.

2. Secondary authentication through the touch screen of the operation room

3, take out the storage box

4, access to items

5, also returned to the storage box

6, press the door open button, leave

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