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Safe deposit box rules / Safe deposit boxes rental contract

Updated: Jun 29

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 This charter is formulated to meet the needs of customers for storing valuables and confidential information, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, to standardize service behavior, and to promote the healthy development of the safe deposit box leasing business.

Article 2 The safe deposit box leasing business refers to the bank or private safe deposit box company (hereinafter referred to as the lessor) accepting the application of the customer and renting the safe deposit box to the customer in the form of the relevant lease contract signed by the two parties for the customer to store valuables, important documents, and The business of property such as price documents.

Article 3 The service object of the safe deposit box leasing business is a natural person who has a valid identity document, is at least 18 years of age and has the full civil capacity, and a legal person and other organizations established according to law. Natural persons are not allowed to rent a joint safe deposit box.

Article 4 The safe deposit box leasing business adopts the principle of “free renting and free returning”. Once the customer signs a safe deposit box lease contract, it is deemed to be willing to abide by the Articles of Association and agree to bear the liability for breach of contract.

Chapter 2 Lease Agreement

Article 5 The safe deposit box owner shall not use the safe deposit box for illegal purposes. The dangerous goods that are inflammable, explosive, corrosive, etc. shall not be stored in the box; liquid articles shall not be stored; guns, ammunition, detonators, drugs and all other prohibited articles shall not be stored; Do not use the safe deposit box for illegal activities such as hiding stolen goods. Any loss of the lessor and others in violation of this regulation shall be liable for compensation. In the case of illegal activities, the lessor will report to the public security department.

Article 6 The safe deposit box renter shall not transfer or sublease the safe deposit box. Otherwise, the lessor has the right to terminate the lease contract and ask the renter to go through the formalities of returning the box.

Article 7 Once the renter rents the safe deposit box, the lessor will strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the national laws, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the renter, and keep secrets. Except as required by law, the lessor refuses any inquiry from any unit or individual and freezes the safe deposit box of the renter. If the state has the right to inquire, seal, freeze or deduct the property in the safe deposit box, the lessor will cooperate with it according to law and will not be responsible for the consequences. Safes that have been sealed and frozen must be used after the ban is revoked or lifted.

Article 8 The lessor is only responsible for the safety and integrity of the safe deposit box and is not responsible for the quality and quantity of the deposited goods. The lessor shall not bear any responsibility for the consequences of natural deterioration, damage or unpredictable and irresistible objective factors (such as earthquakes, windstorms, floods, fires, wars, etc.) in the safe deposit box; The quality and quantity do not match, and the lessor is not responsible for interpretation and liability.

Article 9 Provisions for the deposit and withdrawal of safe deposit boxes

(1) Conditions for the application of the renter and the authorized person