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What kind of safe deposit box business is more profitable?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Safe deposit box, a very traditional industry, it provides a safe and convenient storage place for people, but as more operators join, the market is becoming increasingly saturated, competition is intensifying, and the cost recovery cycle for many practitioners Increasingly longer and higher idle rates have caused many practitioners to lose confidence in the industry.

The traditional safe deposit box operation also needs to make some changes, such as providing more convenient services to customers, developing a variety of value-added services, etc., adding more momentum to the safe deposit box business. If you are a safe practitioner, this article will give you some inspiration.

Home delivery service to the safe deposit box

In recent years, some practitioners have developed a new type of safe deposit box service-delivering safe deposit boxes to the door, which is different from the traditional business model.

What should I pay attention to when starting a safe deposit box company?

In our traditional safe deposit box business, a bank or safe deposit box leasing company usually sets a fixed place of business, builds a vault and installs a safe deposit box, and customers come to the door for business processing and access services, but it has several problems:

1. Time: Customers need to arrange their plans and itineraries according to the business hours of the bank or safe deposit box rental company, which is prone to a time conflict.

2. Efficiency: If the customer is far from the vault, the round trip time is longer, and when there are more customers, the customer needs to wait in line.

3. Privacy: The business area is open, customers may encounter familiar people, and privacy is easy to leak

4. Security: When customers deal with business, criminals may track it, posing a danger to personal and property safety.

5. Fees: For the convenience of customers, vaults are usually built in areas with convenient transportation and bustling areas, and these places usually have higher rents.

And this new safe deposit box business model-door-to-door safe delivery service, there is no such problem

Customers can apply for the safe deposit box business online. When the network background receives the customer's instructions, according to the customer's requirements, professional security personnel will be arranged to deliver the safe deposit box to the customer's designated location at the customer's designated time, which can be the customer's company, home or any other location. After the customer has finished using it, they hand it to the security staff and take it back to the vault.

This mode does not require business outlets, all operations are performed in the network and at the location specified by the customer. For the customer, many issues that need to be avoided are eliminated.

How to start a safe deposit box company?

1. Decide on the use time completely according to the customer's arrangement, saving the customer's time

2. Customers use it in their own familiar places at home, without worrying about leaking privacy

3. During the entire transportation process, security personnel will escort the safe deposit box. The vehicles used are also professional escort vehicles. The storage location is a vault with the same level of physical and technical security as the bank vault. At the same time purchase high insurance, customers do not have to worry about security issues

Of course, this rental method also has its limitations and problems, such as the need to hire professional security personnel, purchase secure transportation means (of course, this process can be outsourced to professional security companies), customers cannot store large or easily damaged Items, because large items are not easy to transport, and fragile items may be damaged during transportation

Therefore, this safe is suitable for customers to store small valuables that are not easily damaged, such as documents, certificates, data hard disks, or gold jewelry. Large, fragile items are suitable for storage in fixed storage boxes.

List of companies with mature private safe deposit box business

For safe deposit box practitioners, with the increase in consumption levels, rents and labor costs continue to rise, and operating costs are getting higher and higher. This service can be supplemented by a fixed safely. It has the following good places:

1. Reduce operating costs: This method only requires the construction of vaults in places where rents are low and do not require luxurious decoration. Despite increased shipping costs, customers can be charged higher service fees

2. Expand the customer base: the scope of customers is not limited to around the business point, customers who are far away can use this business

3. More convenient for customers: customers can choose time and place according to their needs

Provide value-added services to customers

Safe-deposit box practitioners should think of a problem: customers who need to store valuables and rent safe deposit boxes are usually middle-class or above people, and these people are the main consumers. They have a strong sense of financial management and spending power. How can we provide these people with more consumption options and services?

How to start the safe deposit box business?

In some countries and regions, people have begun to do this, such as:

1. Establish a membership system, regularly organize membership activities, provide a communication platform, and improve user brand loyalty

2. Sell high value-added products such as gold, jewelry, watches, and diamond art to customers

Of course, while safe deposit box practitioners develop new business models, they should also improve their project level at the same time, such as:

1. Customer's sense of security: strengthen physical defense and technical defense capabilities, and show to customers to increase customer confidence

2. Service: Take the 5-star hotel serves as the benchmark to improve customer experience

3. Decoration and product style: luxurious and low-key decoration style, with its own brand-style safe deposit box and vault to provide customers with a good experience

4. Provide visual reservation service, for example, customers can reserve service time on mobile APP

The 10 most famous private safe deposit box companies in the world

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