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What kind of safe deposit box business is more profitable?

Updated: Apr 10

Safe deposit box, a very traditional industry, it provides a safe and convenient storage place for people, but as more operators join, the market is becoming increasingly saturated, competition is intensifying, and the cost recovery cycle for many practitioners Increasingly longer and higher idle rates have caused many practitioners to lose confidence in the industry.

The traditional safe deposit box operation also needs to make some changes, such as providing more convenient services to customers, developing a variety of value-added services, etc., adding more momentum to the safe deposit box business. If you are a safe practitioner, this article will give you some inspiration.

Home delivery service to the safe deposit box

In recent years, some practitioners have developed a new type of safe deposit box service-delivering safe deposit boxes to the door, which is different from the traditional business model.

What should I pay attention to when starting a safe deposit box company?

In our traditional safe deposit box business, a bank or safe deposit box leasing company usually sets a fixed place of business, builds a vault and installs a safe deposit box, and customers come to the door for business processing and access services, but it has several problems:

1. Time: Customers need to arrange their plans and itineraries according to the business hours of the bank or safe deposit box rental company, which is prone to a time conflict.

2. Efficiency: If the customer is far from the vault, the round trip time is longer, and when there are more customers, the customer needs to wait in line.

3. Privacy: The business area is open, customers may encounter familiar people, and privacy is easy to leak

4. Security: When customers deal with business, criminals may track it, posing a danger to personal and property safety.

5. Fees: For the convenience of customers, vaults are usually built in areas with convenient transportation and bustling areas, and these places usually have higher rents.

And this new safe deposit box business model-door-to-door safe delivery service, there is no such problem

Customers can apply for the safe deposit box business online. When the network background receives the customer's instructions, according to the customer's requirements