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How to set up a safe deposit box company? What are the procedures and precautions?

Updated: Jun 28

Safe-deposit box rental is a projection with very stable cash flow and returns on investment. The risk of the investment is small. Many people are interested in this business. But how do we start a safe deposit box company or a safe deposit box center? Let’s talk about this topic. Through this article, you will know all the processes and main points of attention.

List of companies with mature private safe deposit box business

1. Market research

Market research includes several aspects

-The first is the economic level survey, whether the local economic level is at a medium or above level, and people have enough valuables such as jewelry, important documents, collectibles, etc.

-The second is consumption habits. Do local people have the habit of renting safe deposit boxes, especially in some large cities, where people’s living space is small and where there are many business people on business trips, people are more accustomed to storing valuables in a safe place

-The third is the public security situation. Generally speaking, the public security situation is not very good. In areas where there are more cases of robbery, people are also used to storing valuables in a safe place.

2. Select the proper address for storing

The location of the safe deposit box center project is very important, which is related to the rental rate of safe deposit boxes

1. Make it easy for customers to deposit and withdraw items in a place close to the target customer group

2. Smooth traffic, convenient parking, convenient for customers to carry and transport valuables

3. Considering the load-bearing problem, the project is best bulid on the ground floor, such as the first or negative floor and in the underground garage, which is convenient for customers and does not need to increase additional floor ground reinforcement costs

The 10 most famous private safe deposit box companies in the world

3. Safety protection

One of the most important reasons for customers to rent a safe deposit box is the safety. Therefore, when starting a safe deposit box company, the first thing to consider is safety. Safety includes t