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How to set up a safe deposit box company? What are the procedures and precautions?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Safe-deposit box rental is a projection with very stable cash flow and returns on investment. The risk of the investment is small. Many people are interested in this business. But how do we start a safe deposit box company or a safe deposit box center? Let’s talk about this topic. Through this article, you will know all the processes and main points of attention.

1. Market research

Market research includes several aspects

-The first is the economic level survey, whether the local economic level is at a medium or above level, and people have enough valuables such as jewelry, important documents, collectibles, etc.

-The second is consumption habits. Do local people have the habit of renting safe deposit boxes, especially in some large cities, where people’s living space is small and where there are many business people on business trips, people are more accustomed to storing valuables in a safe place

-The third is the public security situation. Generally speaking, the public security situation is not very good. In areas where there are more cases of robbery, people are also used to storing valuables in a safe place.

2. Select the proper address for storing

The location of the safe deposit box center project is very important, which is related to the rental rate of safe deposit boxes

1. Make it easy for customers to deposit and withdraw items in a place close to the target customer group

2. Smooth traffic, convenient parking, convenient for customers to carry and transport valuables

3. Considering the load-bearing problem, the project is best bulid on the ground floor, such as the first or negative floor and in the underground garage, which is convenient for customers and does not need to increase additional floor ground reinforcement costs

3. Safety protection

One of the most important reasons for customers to rent a safe deposit box is the safety. Therefore, when starting a safe deposit box company, the first thing to consider is safety. Safety includes two aspects-physical safety and technical safety.

Physical security mainly refers to the vault for storing safe deposit boxes and vault doors equipped for import and export, as well as safe deposit boxes for customers to store items.

If the site has the engineering construction conditions, you can choose to pour a concrete vault, if it does not have the construction conditions, you can choose to buy the vault walls, splicing and install them to form an overall vault

The vault door can only be purchased. Please click to view the precautions for purchasing the vault door

Safe deposit boxes are used to store customers’ valuables, so it is also very important. Regarding the choice and precautions of safe deposit box manufacturers, please click to view

Technical protection security includes technical protection methods such as video surveillance and alarm devices. You can ask the local security company to configure these two items for you. You can arrange personnel management by yourself, but you need to be on duty 24 hours a day, and you also need to arrange a special room. The cost is higher, and it can also be hosted on the platform of a well-known security company. One is that the security company can be used for endorsement, and the other is that the management cost will be lower than that of self-management.

4. Supporting engineering

Constant temperature and humidity system: 24 hours of constant temperature and humidity are required in the safe deposit box to protect the valuables of customers from the influence of temperature and humidity

Fresh air system: The safe deposit box warehouse is usually a closed space with no air circulation, so it needs to be equipped with a fresh air system so that customers will not feel any discomfort after entering

Fire extinguishing system: As customers store valuables, it is recommended to use heptafluoropropane gas to extinguish fires. Do not use water as a fire extinguishing material, because compared to water, gas fire extinguishing has a lower chance of damaging valuables

Business and office area: According to the number of people in the safe deposit box, the corresponding business area, office, meeting, and other areas are equipped

Decoration: After the above systems are in place, according to the local aesthetics and customs, all areas will be decorated. As the safe deposit box tenants are mainly middle-class to rich people, the decoration level is relatively high

5. Operation and marketing

Operation: Mainly the personnel recruitment of the safe deposit box company, the daily management system, the formulation of the rental price, the use process of the safe deposit box, and other related matters

Marketing: Marketing methods include advertising, cooperation with banks and other companies, customer introductions, and other ways to increase visibility and the rental rate of safe deposit boxes

The above is a conventional process and supporting system. Consumer groups and habits in each place are different, and some modifications and adjustments need to be made according to local conditions

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