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What do you need to know when buying a vault door?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

When buyers buy bank Vault door, they usually don't know what information they need to pay attention to. Today we summed up there, maybe you know what you need after reading!

1. Firmness: According to the US UL standard, 2 people use hammers, electric drills, flame-cutting guns and other tools to open the vault door (Europe uses VDS standard), divided into 1 (30 minutes), 2 (60 minutes) ), level 3 (120 minutes), you need to select the corresponding level of treasury doors according to valuables, the more expensive the items are stored, the higher the protection level of the vault door

2, size: According to the size of the goods entering and leaving the warehouse, do you need to use trailers and forklifts? Or plan the size of the vault door based on the prepared door opening

3. Lock: According to the number of users of the vault door, the type and quantity of the vault door lock can be reasonably configured. For the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of various locks, please click

4. Appearance: At present, the vault door is made of paint and outsourced stainless steel, please choose according to the use environment and personal preference.

5. Transportation: The weight of the vault door is very heavy, so it is necessary to use mechanical equipment such as forklifts and cranes to move.

6. Installation: Installation requires workers to follow the installation process and pay attention to safety during the installation process.

7. Maintenance: Open the back door of the vault door every six months, check the operation of each structure, and add lubricant to each active node as needed.

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