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What should we do when faced with security issues like the riots in South Africa?

In recent days, the security situation in South Africa is very distressing. People have gathered to commit crimes such as robbery and arson, causing many businesses to suffer heavy losses. These behaviors are in line with economists’ predictions.

They predict that the global economy caused by the new crown epidemic will continue to be sluggish, a large number of people will lose their jobs and incomes, the unemployment rate will rise sharply, and the crime rate and burglary rate will also increase.

The current security situation in South Africa has undoubtedly verified this prediction. People have lost their jobs and financial resources due to the epidemic. When an incident occurs, it will cause a very big reaction. People will take this opportunity to commit collective crimes and rob people. This kind of living materials, but the impact of this behavior is far-reaching, seriously affecting social stability and sustainable development

So, in the current security situation, how can we ensure our personal safety and property safety?

1. Stay away from places far away from people such as supermarkets, commercial areas, and industrial areas

2. Do not carry valuables with you or store them at home. It is best to find a place to bury them and take them out after the situation is stable.

3. Don't try to violently confront the criminal crowd, personal safety is more important than anything

4. Memorize the phone numbers of the police and agencies that can provide help, or try to get close to or enter these places to seek asylum

Outside of South Africa, the economic situation is also not optimistic. How can we ensu

re the safety of our valuables and personal safety?

1. Establish a safe room and monitoring and alarm system at home. When a safety problem occurs, the whole family hides in the safe house in time to prevent personal injury

2. Prepare some anti-wolf sprays and guns at home. Although we do not advocate violent confrontation, we need some self-defense things to ensure our safety when we encounter danger.

3. For families who do not have the conditions to set up a safe room, it is best to buy a strong safe, fixed on the ground or wall, which can ensure the safety of valuables within a period of time

4. Store infrequently used valuables in safe deposit box. Generally, safe deposit box vaults have complete safety measures. In the event of thugs, closed vaults can protect valuables for a long time, and safe deposit boxes will buy insurance. If there is a robbery problem, you can get compensation

Under the background that the current security situation has not improved significantly, we should consider having more security measures to ensure our own property and personal safety

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