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What should I pay attention to when building a modular vault room?

When you have a lot of valuables, such as gold, jewelry, guns, antique cultural relics, controlled drugs, etc., you need to consider their storage and safety issues, because once they have problems, they will bring you huge losses

First, you can rent a safe deposit box nearby. This is a low-cost and safer choice. However, the capacity and size of the safe deposit box are usually limited, so large or heavy items cannot be stored. Secondly, safekeeping Prohibited or dangerous items such as guns cannot be stored in the box. Finally, when you use the safe deposit box, you may be targeted by criminals, or you may encounter familiar people leaking your privacy. Therefore, for the few valuable items, Renting a safe deposit box is a very good choice

However, for large quantities or some dangerous items that need to be stored, you need to consider building a modular vault room to store them, because this is your own place and there are not so many restrictions, but for many people, In other words, building a modular vault is uncharted territory, so what issues should we consider when building it?

1. Location: If the location is too remote, it is impossible to get timely rescue when there are crimes such as robbery and theft. It is too close to the city center and crowded places, it is very easy to expose privacy, so it is best to choose the edge of the city with convenient transportation. Privacy can also be protected, and at the same time, if there is a problem, you can contact the police in time

2. Construction location: Because the modular vault room is very heavy, the basement and warehouse are the best choices. If it is above the first floor, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the load-bearing problem of the ground

3. Construction structure: hexahedral structure (if there is concrete with more than 200mm on the ground, pentahedron can also be used), the top is equipped with Z-shaped vents, and H-shaped steel columns and beams are installed inside the warehouse. Of course, if there is enough construction space and budget, You can choose to use formwork and concrete pouring

3. Size: Determine the length, width, and height of the modular vault room according to the size and quantity of the storage and the space size of the installation location

4. Protection level: The current international standard is anti-damage time, which is divided into four levels: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes. You need to choose according to the total value of the storage in the modular vault room. Of course, But also equipped with a vault door of the same level as the access channel

5. Other supporting facilities: forklifts, storage cabinets, storage racks, constant temperature and humidity equipment, fire fighting equipment, technical protection equipment (such as remote control switches, cameras, vibration alarms, sound and light expulsion equipment, etc.), decoration, etc.

6. Daily management and maintenance

The above are all the problems and matters we need to pay attention to when we build a modular vault room. If you need to understand the installation process of the modular vault room, please click here

If you have more questions, please contact our professional team, we can provide you with suggestions and free design solutions

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