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How to install a modular vault room? The process of installing the vault panel

Tools required to install the modular vault room: forklift, electric welder, hammer, crowbar, grinder, lifting ring, wire rope, level, tape measure, etc.

1. Use a forklift to unload and transport the warehouse wall to the installation area, and remove the packaging

2. Use a tape measure and a marker to draw the installation position on the ground, measure the ground level, and then start to install the modular vault room floor

3. Put the level ruler on the floor of the modular vault room, level the floor with spacers, and weld the two adjacent floors

4. According to the floor number and drawings, install all modular vault room floors

5. Use a grinder to grind all the welding points, and then spray the anti-rust paint to touch up the paint by hand to prevent rust

6. Screw the lifting ring into the bolt hole on the top of the wall of the modular vault room, lift it with a forklift, place it in the designated position, and fix it with angle steel, then weld it

7. Install the column according to the method of installing the modular vault room

8. Place the beam on the column using a forklift and weld it firmly

9. Place the top plate of the modular vault room at the designated position of the beam

10. Weld the top plate of the modular vault room with the walls and beams together

11. According to the actual situation of the modular vault room installation site, staggered installation of the columns, beams, walls and ceiling of the modular vault room

12. Use forklifts and other tools to install the vault door

13. Adjust the level and verticality of the vault door, and then fix it by welding

14. Install all modular vault room in place

15. Installation is complete

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