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Why banks want to develop self-service safe deposit box business?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

With the development of digital payment and the awareness of consumer service, people are redefining the banking industry. In the future, the banking industry should also focus on digital technology and service innovation to improve the customer experience!

Consumer demand for digitization and services continues to increase, and this trend is changing the relationship between banks and customers. Although the dropbox is an offline business, it can be used at any time, just like online business. Is becoming a consumer demand.

Although the safe deposit box business is not a key business of the bank, in recent years, the self-service safe deposit box market has continued to grow at a double-digit rate every year!

Provide a safe storage environment for valuables, 24 hours a day, banks need to solve these 2 problems

Self-service safe deposit box to improve the convenience of customers, reduce bank operating costs, improve service quality, increase profitability, and enhance the image of the bank! Therefore, the self-service safe deposit box business is being watched by more banks!


Banks below should consider the benefits of adding a self-service safe deposit box service:

1. Increase customer experience

Enhance the modern image of the bank by offering innovative services that are different from those of competitors, leaving old customers and attracting new customers

Banks can use a self-service safe deposit box as a value-added service to provide high-end customers with 24/7 access to valuables for free.

Through this service, banks can collect data on customer behavior, analyze data, and provide customers with more personalized services.

2. Increase profit growth point

Available 24 hours a day, service time increases, so banks can charge higher rental fees than ordinary safe deposit boxes, increase profits

3. Project advantages

Good customer experience: can be used at any time, regardless of bank working hours

Short operation time: customers can complete all operations in 1-3 minutes, convenient and fast

Self-service experience: no need for bank employees to accompany customers into the vault, reducing bank labor costs

Small footprint: 80% savings compared to traditional safe deposit boxes

Not subject to building structure: can be reconstructed after the renovation at the gates, outer walls, and halls of any bank outlets

Personalized customization: Cross-floor construction can be carried out according to site conditions. The operation room is in the lobby, and the vault is on the first floor to solve the problem that the ground bearing is not enough, or space is not enough.

4. System features of the self-service safe deposit box

Privacy operation space: After the customer enters the operation room, the door automatically closes and no one can enter

Security storage space: valuables stored by customers, usually stored in the vault, transferred to the console during operation, the vault can resist long-term violent damage

High-level security protection: through technical means such as monitoring and alarming, the first time to find criminals and automatically alarm

Simple and convenient operation: customers only need simple operations such as verifying identity and entering passwords, saving customers time


Banks provide the influence of self-service safe deposit boxes

With the continuous development of technology, people pay more attention to privacy. Self-service safe deposit box have begun to benefit banks and customers. This is a new revolution. For banks, this is an opportunity to increase profits. For customers, this kind of Simple, practical, safe and reliable service experience

Now, consumers are more likely to use banking on their mobile phones. Banks should provide differentiated services, increase market share, build customer loyalty, and self-service safe deposit boxes, a good way to try!

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