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What is safe deposit box?

Updated: Feb 4

Safe deposit box definition:

Banks, safe deposit box management companies, hotels, and other special leases to customers to store valuables cabinets, and cabinets must be at the same security level as the treasury warehouse, the warehouse has complete physical and technical security measures, a constant temperature and humidity environment. Ensure that valuables from customers are not lost, stolen, or damaged by ambient temperature.

The safe deposit box is usually equipped with a double key lock, one customer, and one management unit. When the safe deposit box is opened, two keys are required to open the lock at the same time. The customer can install a private padlock on the box for storing the items to prevent internal theft of the management unit.

The safe deposit box business is a service business, which means that the safe deposit box management unit accepts the client's entrustment, rents the safe deposit box for the customer after collecting the rent, helps the customer to keep valuables, and avoids the customer's concern about the safety of valuables!

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