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What should I keep in my safe deposit box?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Many people who have only heard of it and have not used the safe deposit box will have such doubts. What can I put in the safe deposit box? Is it something that can be put? Do not! The main things that it can store are the following:

Things that can be stored in a safe deposit box: 1, valuables: gold jewelry diamond jewelry, cash, watches, and other valuables 2, collectibles: a personal collection of stamps, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, art 3. Document certificate categories: securities, important contracts, honor certificates, property certificates, etc. 4. Personal items: photos, notebooks or other items that are important to me.

Things that cannot be stored in a safe deposit box : 1, liquid items, gaseous items, 2, firearms, ammunition, etc. are subject to local government, police-controlled contraband, dangerous goods

Suitable for people who rent a safe deposit box: Whether you are an ordinary person, a white-collar worker, a businessman or a collector, you can rent people from all walks of life. As long as you have the above 4 items, there is no safe place to store, or you need to go on a business trip, travel and no one at home. You can choose to rent a safe deposit box at your own place to solve your worries!

Can I put my cash in the safe deposit box? Yes, you can put your cash in a safe deposit box. The safe deposit box management unit does not have the right to ask you the source of the items you store. They also have the responsibility and obligation to keep your personal information confidential, except if it involves a crime!

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