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Why is a safe deposit box a good way to store valuables?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Home is your shelter, your harbor, and the place where you feel safe and protected. Everyone has this natural feeling, so you store precious things and valuable things somewhere in your home. It is also very normal, is this the best choice for all valuables storage locations?

Recently, a series of natural disasters in the United States, including forest fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, have caused serious property damage to those affected by natural disasters. According to data collected by local governments, the total amount of property damage caused is close to $120 billion. Worse, 90% of these property losses are uninsured, and the number of thefts that have entered the home in the past few years has continued to increase. It seems that Our property security is undergoing various tests and is always in a dangerous state.

As these conditions become more frequent, insurers expect insurance costs to rise in 2019. Now, more than ever before, we need to protect your valuable assets and minimize the insurance premiums.

Here are some tips, or you can bring some tips and help:

Develop a list of valuables to be protected. It is best to have a list of written and video to prevent accidents. The list includes jewelry, cash, gold, watches, collectibles, all kinds of valuable documents and certificates. Etc. There are also things that contain an emotional value, including your diary, gifts, personal belongings, etc. Start by developing a list and plan from something of high value.

According to statistics, you have stolen more than $2 billion in jewelry, gold, etc. from home, and more than 90% of the property cannot be recovered. More seriously, fires and natural disasters occur every year. Destroy billions of dollars in property, use safe deposit boxes to store smaller pieces of valuables, cash and collectibles can have a higher probability of lower losses caused by such events

In addition to this, you need to follow the following security rules:

- When you are on a business trip or vacation, try not to post your itinerary and date on social media.

- Turn on a light at home, don't turn it off, and make your home look like someone's state at night.

- When the workers who come to the home are repaired, they need to be accompanied by the whole process. Don't give the workers a chance to be alone at home.

- Keep your valuables out of the reach of your home, be sure to find places that are not very easy to find

- If there is a safe in the house, be sure to use bolts to fix it on the floor or wall. It is not easy to be removed together with the safe. If conditions permit, you can install an anti-theft alarm device, remote video surveillance device and other technical anti-theft means at home. In addition, the safe can be installed in the cabinet, and the inside of the wall can be used for some external camouflage.

- Evaluate your property risks, learn more about local security conditions, and the extent to which local natural disasters are transmitted, and develop appropriate risk prevention measures.

- Purchase insurance, price assessment of your property and valuables, and purchase of corresponding insurance. Currently, common home insurance has lower compensation for jewelry, cash, and other items, and it is not included in floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Loss, unless you buy separate insurance for them, if you rent a safe deposit box, the cheap safe deposit box insurance costs include all the assets stored in your box, in addition, the separate insurance for the safe deposit box can significantly reduce your insurance costs, and you can insure other items not covered by the policy

- Develop a disaster plan. Once you receive an early warning of floods, fires, and hurricanes, you need to escape from your home as soon as possible. You need to know what to carry as soon as possible. What you store in the safe deposit box and what is not important can be discarded. There are very important documents, it is recommended to store in the cloud server as an electronic document.

In these ways, when a disaster occurs, following these steps can help you have enough time to deal with all kinds of dangers to your property.


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