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Why do regulated drug-related companies need a modular vault room (prefabricated vault)?

In our daily medical activities, there are many regulated drugs, such as buprenorphine, diethylpropion, phenazepam, etc. They are usually strictly managed and controlled drugs. In the wrong hands, they become drugs and tools of crime

In this way, all companies engaged in procedures related to controlled drugs, including drug manufacturers, drug sellers, drug storage warehouses, etc., are faced with a problem, that is, the risk of these controlled drugs being stolen and robbed, so how should we prevent such a risk, and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands?

In the management of all controlled drugs, such as production, packaging, storage, distribution, etc., we need to build a modular vault room or prefabricated vaults to control and protect these drugs, so that they are strictly guarded against theft and robbery, which also ensures the safe and stable and efficient operation of drug circulation

In some countries and regions, the government mandates companies related to controlled drugs to build a modular vault room or prefabricated vaults to meet the requirements of local laws and regulations, otherwise, they are not allowed to engage in business related to controlled drugs

So when we are building modular vault rooms or prefabricated vaults, how do we build and what standards do we need to follow?

If you are in Europe, Latingsafe recommends that you follow the European standard EN1143-1. In other areas, it is recommended that you follow the national standard or cite the American UL 608 standard, using a hexahedral modular vault room or prefabricated vaults built with a welded or bolted structure, If the concrete floor meets the standard, a 5-sided modular vault room or prefabricated vaults fixed to the ground can be used

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