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What should I do if the key to the safe deposit box is lost? How to open?

Updated: Apr 12

Losing the key to a safe deposit box can be a stressful situation, but there are steps you can take to address it:

  1. Stay Calm and Reassure Yourself: Understand that the security measures in place at the bank or private safe deposit box center are robust, and unauthorized access to the vault is highly unlikely.

  2. Search Thoroughly: Conduct a careful search in all possible places where the key might be. Take your time to recall where you last saw it and check thoroughly.

  3. Notify the Bank or Center: If you're unable to locate the key, inform the bank or the private safe deposit box center immediately. This ensures that appropriate measures can be taken promptly to secure your belongings.

  4. Review Lease Contract: Refer to the terms and conditions outlined in your safe deposit box lease contract regarding lost keys. This will provide guidance on the process and any associated costs for replacing the lock.

  5. Communicate and Arrange for Lock Replacement: Contact the bank or center to discuss the procedure for changing the lock. They will likely arrange for a professional locksmith to remove the old lock and install a new one. Be prepared to cover the costs involved, which typically include the lock replacement and locksmith services.

  6. Consider Additional Insurance: Evaluate the value of the items stored in your safe deposit box and consider purchasing additional insurance coverage, especially for particularly valuable items. While some insurance may be included in your rental fees, it may not fully cover all potential losses.

For banks or private safe deposit box centers, responding promptly to customers who have lost their keys is essential. Arrange for professional locksmith services to replace the lock efficiently, ensuring the security of the customer's belongings. Providing clear guidance and support throughout the process can help alleviate concerns and maintain customer satisfaction.

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25 квіт. 2023 р.

Thanks for sharing the details it will surely help in resolving the door lock issues and unlocking the door without seeking help from any professional locksmith.


16 лист. 2021 р.

If you don't find the key then hire the professional locksmith to deal with the issue, they will unlock the safe and rekey it professionally.

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