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What should I do if the key to the safe deposit box is lost? How to open?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Many people will rent a safe deposit box to store their valuables, especially as the global economic growth stagnates and the impact of the epidemic, social security continues to deteriorate. Compared with home, a safe deposit box is undoubtedly a safer and more reliable choice.

But after the safe deposit box is rented, you will get a key. Many people have lost the key. What should we do if we encounter such a situation?

1. As a customer, don’t worry about the loss of valuables stored, because banks or private safe deposit boxes have complete security systems, including physical protection and technical protection, security personnel, etc., individuals cannot enter the vault privately, and at the same time, entering the vault must be verified The identity information reserved by the customer, including passwords, fingerprints, face recognition, etc., any faker cannot enter the vault after passing the identity verification

2. Carefully search for and recall the possible place where the key may exist, and find the key as much as possible

3. If you really cannot find the key, notify the bank or the private safe deposit box center in time, tell them that the safe deposit box key is lost, and pay attention to someone coming over to imitate the owner to take away valuables

4. Check the safe-deposit box lease contract. Generally, there are related clauses related to the loss of the key. We check the terms and communicate with the bank or the private safe-deposit box center about the time and cost of changing the lock. The cost includes the cost of the lock and the worker who broke the lock. The amount is based on The local economic level is determined, usually not very high (the customer key of the safe deposit box lock is not backed up, so if the key is lost, the lock can only be removed and replaced)

5. In order to prevent extreme violent robbery, earthquakes, floods, and other unpredictable situations, you can purchase extra insurance for the particularly valuable items you store in the safe deposit box. Although your rent includes some insurance costs, the amount is usually not very high, not necessarily able to cover the loss

As a bank or private safe deposit box center, when the customer loses the key and needs to open the safe deposit box, you can ask a professional locksmith to refer to the video and steps below to break the old safe deposit box lock and replace it with a new safe deposit box lock.

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