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How to choose a modular vault room supplier?

With the rapid development of the social economy, there are more and more valuables such as cash, gold, jewelry, antiques, guns, and ammunition in society. They all need to be stored in a very safe warehouse. At the same time, the amount of storage in the warehouse is All aspects of safety protection measures, fire protection, constant temperature, and humidity need to be considered. This does not seem easy. First of all, we need to consider the most important warehouse. How should we choose a modular vault room supplier? What are the key factors to consider?

1. Rich experience: No matter what product supplier we choose, we first consider that the supplier’s reputation should be trustworthy and understand the local regulations and requirements. They should also be able to provide you with consultation and technical support for you Provide the most suitable solution for your specific needs

2. The size and scalability of the modular vault room: The manufacturer of the modular vault room should have sufficient technical and processing capabilities to provide products of various shapes and sizes. At the same time, it should also have the ability to expand or relocate. This is very beneficial in terms of asset utilization in the future

3. The product structure is available for selection: it can provide bolt connection structure except welding to prevent installation problems caused by on-site welding.

4. Product safety: The modular vault room should be made of high-strength materials, and the matching vault door provides safety-certified locks and a variety of safety protection devices.

5. Maintenance and after-sales: preventive maintenance is carried out once a year, especially the vault doors, bearings, and moving mechanisms need to be inspected and lubricated to ensure that there will be no malfunctions that affect use and safety

Choosing a good modular vault room supplier can save a lot of time and work. At the same time, it can also guarantee the quality and safety of the vault project. Therefore, this is very important.

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