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How should retailers address safety concerns during the pandemic?

Every once in a while, the epidemic will break out, which restricts many social activities. For example, in many countries, enterprises that provide non-essential goods will be required to close down, reduce the flow of people, and control the epidemic, while some shopping malls that provide daily necessities, although Can operate, many face the problem of criminal theft and robbery

Some international institutions and organizations have warned that during the current pandemic, the unemployment rate caused by the economic crisis has risen sharply, including the European Union, North America, and other developed economies, more and more people have lost their jobs and economic income, and people have to face Survival is a problem, and with that comes a sharp rise in crime rates everywhere, especially crimes like theft and robbery

Protective equipment, medicines, necessary daily necessities, valuable retail items, and other commodities that are more likely to be favored by the market can be used by themselves, and it is easier to exchange for money, which makes shopping malls, restaurants, bars, etc. the main target of criminals

So how should we protect our valuables?

The best option is to store your valuables in secure safes and modular vault rooms and keep them under strict security protection. Monitoring and alarms can only let you know about crimes, but they cannot 100% prevent crimes. Your valuables are in an absolutely safe location to ensure 100% safety.

The modular vault room has extremely high resistance to damage and fire resistance and is equipped with a safe and sturdy vault door. Forcibly destroying the lock will cause the vault door to automatically lock and no one can open it. A time locking device can also be installed. It can only be opened within a certain time, and no one can open it at other times, including internal staff

For ordinary criminals, modular vault rooms are inaccessible to them, the safest and most reliable line of defense for our valuables

If you have more valuables, you can build corresponding storage racks and storage cabinets in the prefabricated vault to store more items and make it the most cost-effective

For more information, you can contact our prefabricated vault product experts to provide you with customized solutions

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