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5 advantages of modular vault rooms!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

When a bank, financial institution, or safe deposit box company plans to build a vault to store cash or gold, there are usually two construction methods, modular vault room and concrete pouring on site

moaular vault room
moaular vault room

In the history of the construction of the vault, the previous decades usually used the method of pouring concrete on site. The formwork was built on-site, and then the precast concrete was poured into a shape. Because there were fewer types of materials that could be used at that time, only extra thick ones could be used. Concrete to increase strength

However, there are many renovated or expanded vaults. There is no construction condition for concrete pouring on site. At this time, modular vault rooms using the latest materials and structures will be more suitable. Usually, modular vault rooms are constructed of precast concrete and steel plates. It is lighter, easier to transport and install, and has lower load-bearing requirements on the ground. Therefore, it is currently the more mainstream way of vault construction. What are its advantages compared to concrete vaults?

1. Construction time and work efficiency

When using traditional concrete pouring, Many formworks must be built. This work takes up a lot of space and takes up to 1 week. After the formwork is installed, it takes another 1 to 2 weeks for the concrete to be poured.

In contrast, the modular vault room is processed and produced on a large scale in the factory and then transported to the site for installation. It only takes a few days on-site, and during installation and welding, the installation workers basically work in the vault without additional Space, which will not affect the construction of other projects

2. Load-bearing requirements

Modular vaults rooms use high-strength concrete, steel plates, steel bars, and other mixed materials for uniform processing. Under the same strength, the thickness and weight of modular vaults are only one-third of traditional concrete, and the load-bearing requirements on the ground are far lower than traditional concrete pouring. Can be applied to more places

3. The safety of line ports and pipeline ports

The vault, like other warehouses, needs to install the electrical, constant temperature and humidity equipment, machine room equipment, etc., which need to pass through the walls or ceiling of the vault through pipes and lines. This location is a natural weakness. The vault is poured on-site. At that time, these locations are directly connected, and you can directly see the inside of the warehouse outside the warehouse

In the production process of the modular vault room, some components may be developed so that these positions become Z-shaped or S-shaped so that the inside of the warehouse cannot be seen directly from the outside of the warehouse, which increases the safety of the vault.

4. Ceiling construction

The ceiling of the vault is the most difficult part of the construction because before the ceiling is poured, the ground and walls must be poured and wait for them to harden, then the ceiling formwork can be erected, and then the concrete can be poured.

In the structure of the modular vault room, the ceiling and wall are delivered and installed at the same time, without interruption and wasting time

5. The flexibility of the structure

If it is a vault with a more complicated shape, it takes more time to build the formwork, and the difficulty of pouring concrete will increase a lot, and after the vault is built, it cannot be expanded or moved.

The modular vault room can be customized with different modules and combinations according to the shape of the site. It can be installed at the designated location on site. If you need to increase the warehouse area in the future, you can also remove a wall and build it directly.

If the vault needs to change its address, the modular vault room can also be dismantled and transported to another place to reassemble for use

6. Can be used as a depreciable asset

Unlike permanent buildings made of concrete, modular vault rooms can be used as depreciable assets, because modular vault rooms can be dismantled and rebuilt, and can also be sold to other banks

Due to the cost, flexibility, ease of construction, and excellent safety of the modular vault room, it has replaced the concrete pouring vault in many places and has become the first choice of people

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