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10 ways to prevent house theft

Updated: Jun 29

Here are some good home protection methods. Maintaining a safe environment requires some smart thinking and good habits. Please follow these common security measures to protect your home from theft!

1. Keep lights on at night

Although most burglary is performed during the day, turning on the lights at night to prevent night-time burglaries is always a security measure. If there is no one in the house, you can install a light with a timer or keep the light on. This will show the outside world that someone is at home

2. Always lock doors and windows

This is a living habit. Although simple, it is very important. Usually, some thieves will randomly find some houses without locked doors and windows and then go in and steal.

3. Don't put spare keys in unsafe places

Many people will put spare keys in flower pots, mats or other places. This is easy to find. It is very easy to get the keys to enter your house. It is safer to give your spare keys to someone you trust, such as Neighbors, friends

4. Rent a safe deposit box

Don't put cash or jewelry at home, but put them in a place that you can trust and trust. Although renting a safe deposit box costs some, it is worth

5. Don't disclose your schedule

Try not to publish your upcoming travel plans on social networking sites or post messages during your trip. This will let everyone know that you have left home and your home is attractive to thieves

6, Two inspections

When you leave the house, repeat the check to make sure all doors and windows are securely closed and locked

7.Install the alarm

Installing a burglar alarm in your home is a good way to deter thieves. Studies have shown that even a fake surveillance camera can greatly reduce the risk of theft, and at the same time, set the alarm Signal from your phone to your mobile phone and police station

8. Know the neighbor next to you

This is an often overlooked issue. Having a good neighbor can bring a lot of benefits in protecting your home.