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Class M/1/2/3 Modular Vault Room For Sale


Enhance your security with LastingSafe's Class M/1/2/3 Modular Vault Room, constructed from durable materials including steel, concrete, steel bars, and metal fiber. Our panels come in standard sizes of 12.4 meters with thickness options ranging from 60mm to 150mm, providing flexibility to meet your security needs. With security levels ranging from M to 3, our vault rooms offer protection against various threats. The door size is W1000H2000mm, ensuring easy access while maintaining security. Invest in LastingSafe's Modular Vault Room for sale today and safeguard your assets with the ultimate security solution.


Material:Steel,Conceret,steel bar ,metal fiber

Panel Size:1*2.4 m

 Thickness:60mm /90mm/110mm/150mm

Security level:M/1/2/3

Door Size:W1000*H2000mm 


Class M/1/2/3 Modular Vault Room For Sale

SKU: 2000
1 Square foot
Security Level
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