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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Strong Room  Door


LastingSafe is a leading manufacturer of physical security products in China. Products include safe deposit boxes, vault doors, vault rooms, safe houses, etc. We also provide customized product customization and OEM services, and products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions and have won unanimous praise from customers.

LastingSafe has a complete and scientific quality management system and first-class production equipment. Through high-quality design, manufacturing and management, we ensure that the safety and reliability of all products meet the requirements.

LastingSafe vault door build from advanced techonologies to resist to various methods of
combined attacks using mechanical and elecrical hand tools such as:hammers ,crowbars, hand drills ,concrete breakers.Oxy cutters such as Oxy-acetylene, thermal lance and oxy- arcs. Use location and function:Home, banks, museums, military, hotels, insurance
companies, or any places storing valuables, which could be cash, gold,relics, guns and ammunition, documents,etc.

Protection Level (Anti-Burglary time)
Class M(15 minutes) , Class 1(30 minutes) , Class 2(60 minutes) , Class 3(120 minutes)
Standard Size(Clear opening size):
Single-leaf door : W 1000mm* H 2000mm
Double-leaf door : W 2000mm* H 2500mm
Surface:Stainless steel / steel spray paint


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Strong Room Door

Net channel size
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