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Technical Description

  • 1, the system can automatically save any legal private items for customers
    2, the system provides constant temperature and humidity control to ensure that the item will never receive any impact
    3, the system can provide 24-hour video monitoring in and out of the library to record and track the traces of any personnel entering and leaving the system
    4. The system provides treasury-level warehouse and cuen storage space in accordance with national security standards to store customer items.
    5, the system provides customers with a 24-hour self-service platform for self-service access to goods
    6, the customer can use the ID card or face recognition to enter and exit the system's picking room
    7, After the customer enters the pick-up room, the customer can access the item with a password or fingerprint.
    8, Emergency buttons and emergency calls are provided in the pick-up room for customers to seek help from bank operators in emergency situations.
    9, the customer's account opening and other operations can be remotely operated at the business counter
    10, customers open the box, open an account, renew the lease, rent out and other operations, the system has a record
  • How many safe deposit boxes can I put in my warehouse? Contact us to provide the size of the storeroom, we will tell you within 12 hours of receiving your information and provide beautiful drawings

Automated Safe Deposit Lockers For Sales

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