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What is a vault door? What is a bank vault?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Vault door definition:

a special custom, good anti-theft performance, high safety factor of door lock, stable shape, heavyweight, high fire, and damage resistance.

The basic mechanism of the vault door:

1、the door frame, the door leaf, the day gate, the mechanical code lock, the key lock and the actuator of the lock

2、Install time locks, electronic code locks, alarms, automatic lighting systems, waterproof devices, etc. as needed.

3、It can add biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and iris recognition devices, alcohol detectors, surveillance cameras, and other devices that increase safety performance.

Vault door lock type: click on the link

Installation method: click on the link

Note on purchasing Vault Gate: click on the link

Vault door protection level classification:

Class M (anti-destruction time 15 minutes)

Class 1 (30 minutes anti-destruction time)

Class 2 (60 minutes anti-destruction time)

Class 3 (resistance time 120 minutes)

Shape type:



Material type:

1、stainless steel


Opening type:

1、left outer opening

2、left inner opening

3、right outer opening

4、right inner opening

5、double opening

6、pan opening.

Vault door use:

used to store cash, gold, cultural relics, firearms, ammunition and other valuables warehouse import and export channel protection.

Applicable units of vault door:

banks, financial institutions, museums, art galleries, military, and home, company, etc.

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