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Description of common locks for Vault doors

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The common locks used by the Vault door are time locks, mechanical code locks, key locks, biometrics, and other locks. The characteristics of each lock are different, and the locks are matched to ensure the safety of the vault door.

Mechanical code lock Features: no need to key, adjust the password to open the lock

Electronic locks Features: Enter the password to open the lock

Key lock Features: Open the lock with the key (2 key locks need to insert 2 keys at the same time to open the lock)

Time lock Features: Installed on the back of the vault door, no one can open the vault door at night or during the holiday

Biometric device Features: high-tech equipment such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, finger vein recognition, etc. to open the lock

The number of locks is determined by the number of people who open the door at the same time. Common lock combinations are: 1 person opens the vault door: 1 electronic code lock (suitable for home use) 2 people open the bank vault: 1 mechanical code lock 1 key lock (suitable for banks, museums, companies, etc.)

Adding 1 spare lock prevents the following: 1. The unlocker is on leave, on a business trip. 2, the lock is faulty

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