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Why should jewelry be kept in a safe deposit box?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Precious jewelry can be used for a lifetime or passed on to future generations, but to do this requires the correct storage method. Although there are many appropriate methods to store precious jewelry, a safe deposit box can provide maximum security Safe and safe deposit box is the most suitable and cost-effective method for storing such valuables

When storing valuables such as jewelry, safe deposit box are safer and more reliable than home safes. They are not easily damaged by fire, floods, etc., and are very difficult to be stolen because they are usually stored in vaults. Protective measures and technical protection measures make it extremely difficult to enter these boxes. Some safe boxes provide 24-hour security on-duty service. On the other hand, home safes have a big loophole. Although they are very convenient to use and looks safe, they are usually very light, so they can be taken away by thieves, and home safes are usually cheap. Therefore, as long as someone takes some time, it will still be opened, and even most safes do not have a fire protection function. Even if there is a fire protection function, they can only persist for 1 hour in a fire. Therefore, home safes can store some very expensive items,if it is very expensive jewelry, you have to think about it Although the safe has the best security measures, it can not guarantee that your valuables are 100% safe, such as earthquakes and other irresistible disasters. Therefore, it is wise to store your jewelry for them to buy insurance, which is usually not expensive and can give you 100% security

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