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Why do we need a prefabricated vaults?

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

In recent years, the economic and social problems caused by local wars and outbreaks have affected everyone, especially the security situation in many places is worrying. In order to ensure the personal safety and property safety of the whole family, a prefabricated vault Is a good choice, private vaults have several functions:

1. Store valuables at home, such as cash, gold, jewelry, etc., to effectively prevent theft

2. Store some personal collections of red wine, cigars, watches, figures, etc. as a family collection room

3. Store guns and ammunition and other items that children cannot touch

4. When the family encounters theft, robbery and other dangers, the whole family can hide in it to prevent the gangsters from causing personal injury

5. When encountering natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes, the whole family can hide in it to ensure the safety of the family

To achieve the above functions, the prefabricated vaults uses high-strength mixed materials such as high-hardness steel, steel bars, concrete, metal fibers, and anti-drilling steel plates, which have extremely high structural strength and anti-destructive ability, and can effectively defend against external intrusion and attack

In addition, we can equip the prefabricated vaults with the following facilities to increase the safety, comfort and practicality of the prefabricated vaults

1. Monitoring system

2. Constant temperature and humidity system

3. Fire protection system

4. Decorate and decorate according to your favorite style, and configure cabinets, shelves, etc.

5. Equipped with military rations, drinking water, emergency telephones and other emergency materials

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