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  1. Destruction time: M (15 minutes), A (30 minutes), B (60 minutes), C (120 minutes)
  2. Lock configuration: mechanical code lock, electronic code lock, fingerprint lock, time lock, key lock, etc.
  3. Applicable units: homes, banks, museums, trusts, securities, insurance companies, etc. warehouses for storing cash, gold, cultural relics, guns and ammunition
  4. Learn about the vault door installation process
  5. Rebuilt ceramic bearing hinge system for effortless door operation.
  6. Mechanical triple redundant 144 hr. Timelock.
  7. Military grade fingerprint entry system.
  8. Twenty-four three inches hardened steel locking bolt system.
  9. Multi-layered interlocking plate-work resists thermic and penetration attacks.
  10. Titanium anti-drive countermeasures.
  11. Glass plate
  12. Titanium re-lockers.
  13. Security System integration.

Round stainless steel bank vaults sales