Technical Description

  • Door panel: 10mm stainless steel plate
  • Cabinet: welded with 2mm steel plate, sprayed with black environmentally friendly powder
  • Inner box: welded with 0.8mm steel plate, sprayed with black environmentally friendly powder with red or blue flannel
  • Lock: Use single or double key locks according to customer needs
  • Number: You can engrave numbers on the door panel, or paste different numbers of numbers, it can be customized
  • Size: We have commonly used standard sizes, which can meet the rental needs of most customers, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
  • Packaging: All products are covered with waterproof film, sponge foam, carton packaging to protect different environments and protect product safety.
  • Installation: They have been assembled in the factory, just use the forklift to carry it to the warehouse to remove the package, place the base in the installation position, adjust the level, and then transport the safe to the base.
  • How many safe deposit boxes can I put in my warehouse? Contact us to provide the size of the storeroom, we will tell you within 12 hours of receiving your information and provide beautiful drawings


Of course, you can make any special requirements for any of the above conditions, we can order

Bank/Hotels Safe Deposit Box Supplier

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