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What is a modular vault room? Where to buy vault rooms?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

A modular vault room refers to an assembled vault structure, which is made of composite materials such as steel plates, concrete, steel bars, fireproof materials, and metal fibers. It has extremely high safety and fire performance. At the same time, modular vault rooms can It can be assembled and used in a short time, or they can be disassembled and moved to another place for use at any time.

The modular vault room is not only suitable for bank vaults, it can also be used for medicines, guns, cultural relics, private vaults, luxury goods, valuable collections, and other warehouses to ensure the safe storage of valuables

Traditional vaults or valuables warehouses use formwork + concrete pouring, but this method has a high cost, long construction period, basically cannot be dismantled, heavyweight, and high load-bearing requirements on the ground, so it can only be done on the ground. For some rebuilt or expanded warehouse projects, due to the limitations of the site and construction conditions, the method of concrete pouring cannot be used.

The modular vault room solves this problem very well. It has several advantages:

1. The weight is lighter, and the load-bearing requirement on the ground is smaller, which is suitable for more types of venues

2. The safety factor is high. The inner and outer layers are equipped with steel plates, filled with various mixed materials and steel bars, which can effectively resist the damage and attack of various tools. Various thicknesses can also be customized according to the value of the storage.

3. The construction conditions are not very demanding, and manual and simple equipment are sufficient, and there is no need for particularly large construction and installation equipment.

4. The installation is simple and the modular structure allows the modular vault room to be installed simply and quickly like a pile of Lego bricks(click here to refer to the installation process of the modular vault room)

5. Professional vault manufacturers can produce and install a modular vault room in a short time, which can greatly save engineering time

6. It is convenient to dismantle. When the building needs to be dismantled, the modular vault room can be disassembled and transported to another place for recombination, which will not cause waste and repeated construction.

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