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Vault door installation process/Strongroom door installation process

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Vault door are used in banks, museums, military, residential, etc. to protect valuables such as gold, cash, artifacts, guns and ammunition. Therefore, the vault door is very resistant to damage and is very heavy

Depending on the level, the weight of a single door is usually 800-1500KG, and the weight of a double door is 1500KG-2500KG.

Therefore, installing the bank vault is dangerous. It requires workers to follow the installation process to ensure safety!

Due to the location and environment, the following procedure is for reference only. If the installation site has large equipment such as forklifts, the installation speed is the fastest and the safety is the best.

If you have any questions about the installation process, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to answer your technical questions!

This is a sample installation photo of our company's vault door showroom, for reference only, please adjust according to your installation location and environment.

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